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We offer the most feature rich LoL Boosting solution in the market.
After years of developing our system, hiring the best boosters and ensuring we would provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, we decided to launch now!

Star Guardian Jinx Skin.

Our LoL Boosting Features

Those are some of our never ending features that customers love in our service.

24/7 Support

We have a professionally trained hand picked customer support ready to help you solve any issue!

VPN & Safety

All our boosters use a very premium Virtual Private Network to protect your account while boosting it!

Fast Order Completion

We ensure to our customers that orders will never take longer than accepted and respect customers time!

Privacy & Appear Offline

All our boosters use offline mode while boosting your accounts so your order is totally private!

The Best Boosters Only!

We took an oath to hire the best boosters available in this scene only to ensure the highest quality of boosting!

Order Tracking Dashboard

We provide a very unique order tracking dashboard to be able to track your order all the time!

LoL Boosting Dashboard Chat

Multitask Dashboard with Live Chat

Your order dashboard includes a real time chat with the booster that is assigned to your order. You also have the chance to set up game schedules, request specific Boosters and other exclusive features.

Why us

The Smartest LoL Boosting Solution

Years of Expertise in loL boosting

Challenger loL elo boosting team

Best & Highly Customizable ELO boosting experience

Fast Order Completion Time

Cheapest Prices In The Market

Our Priorities

To be able to compete in such a saturated market we needed to be special and exceptional, in order to do so we had to prioritize the important things that would benefit the customers the most to build a huge customer base.


Premium LoL boosting experience

Our philosophy is to provide the best LoL ELO boosting experience on the internet. BoostForLoL continuously improves and innovates its service offering while focusing on customer needs, making it possible to stay the best and number one service provider when it comes to LoL ELO boosting.


Fast & Instant Delivery

BoostForLoL employs challenger boosters performing high win-rates in all ranks of the game. It is an effort which is required to stay at the top in terms of LoL boosting speed and performance. Our ELO boosting services guarantee the fastest results and generally an instant start after placing an order.


Top safety & privacy

BoostForLoL provides the safest lol elo boost experience available. The company implemented various measures in its boosting mechanism with the goal of creating the safest and most private way of elo boosting available. All data that flows through the site is encrypted with SSL technology to protect privacy.



Cost-efficient LoL boost solution

LoL elo boosts from BoostForLoL are available at the cheapest prices. The company continuously manages to keep the base pricing low to benefit players who are looking to buy a lol elo boost for their accounts. Additionally, by offering continuous discounts and coupon codes for our clients, we make sure that our pricing stays competitive.
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We don't only ELO Boost you, we boost your skills too!

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