Lol is one of the most popular strategic battle arena video games and is played by more than a million players all around the world.

Ever since its release back in 2009, Riot – the developer and publisher of the game – has offered many updates and features with many different terminologies representing modes or gains, etc.

Ganking bot, smurfing an account, lethality items, etc. These terms, for instance, seem difficult to understand when first come across. But once you start spending a considerable amount of time playing the game, you become quite familiar with the terms and their functions.

If you are playing League of Legends for quite some time, you must have come across the term Elo boosting.

Elo boosting is highly talked about by many of Lol players as it comes with lots of benefits including achieving higher ranks, beating other players in ranks and unlocking end of season skins, etc. Players seem very much concerned about the security of their accounts when buying Elo boost because some other player is playing on his behalf as a booster, and there could be a chance that the player playing as the booster hacks your account. 

When using the Elo boost, players are very curious about knowing if there is a risk of their accounts being hacked, or stolen, or banned… It is very frustrating if, after so much of hard work and spending so many hours playing the game, suddenly your account gets hacked or stolen, throwing all your hard work and time in the trash can. Their concern is reasonable because nobody will stand the loss of their efforts and time.

Clients must keep in mind a few things while using the Elo boost.

Safe ELO Boost

Always buy Elo boost from trusted websites or companies

Make sure that you have bought the Elo boost from a reliable source or company. If so, there is nothing to worry about getting hacked or banned as trustworthy companies make sure that your account is completely secured by keeping your information highly confidential.

Even after the purchase of the Elo boost, the company or the booster has no access to your account, thus keeping it safe and secured.

Use of VPN(Virtual Private Network)

Elo boost providing companies also use VPN i.e., Virtual Private Network and exceptional IP addresses, ensuring that you are playing incognito and cannot be tracked. VPN connects the booster to the client’s region, thus showing progress from the same region the customer plays in.

The client is thus, safe from being banned as it seems the same player is playing the game.

No private contact between booster and client

Boosting companies take client security very seriously. Clients buy boosters from boosting companies and boosting companies directly hire high Elo players to work as boosters and are assigned accounts to work for. Boosting companies do not allow boosters to contact the client privately.

Offline mode

Boosting companies also allow boosters to play using offline mode if requested. When the offline mode is on, you seem offline to your friends while the booster plays for you and take you to higher ranks.

Thus we can say that the Elo boost is completely safe to use. Stop worrying about your account getting hacked or banned as the Elo boost providing companies to take their client’s account security very seriously.