League Of Legends : ELO Boosting

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League Of Legends : ELO Boosting

We are all very well aware of The League Of Legends, aka LoL, which is a multiplayer battlefield video game. LoL has so far brought about many classic updates and features since its release in 2009.


After playing LoL for a long time, you must have come across the term “ELO BOOSTING.” ELO BOOST or MMR BOOST allows a high ranked ELO player to give a helping hand to a low ranked player to achieve his goals. The booster (i.e., the high ranked player) gives boosted (i.e., the low ranked player) access to their account. Once the boosted reaches a particular league (or level), the boost is complete. He is now able to play in his new division.


ELO boost lets players achieve their specified goals swiftly. Whether it is unlocking the End Of Season Skins, beating their previous ranks, beat their friends, or get into Master tier. Players can achieve their goals in no time if they use the ELO Boost.

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People have this common misconception that the ELO boost is quite expensive. When trying to get an ELO boost, people think that the prices are surprisingly high. For instance, the cost of the boost from bronze to old varies from 120 – 200 euro and diamond-it exceeds 500 euro.

We call this a misconception because these prices seem relatively cheap when compared with our quality boosters.


Before going further, we must tell you that there are very few players in LoL who can provide quality ELO boost effectively. The scarcity of ELO boost providers is because one has to be a Diamond1 or higher rank player to finish ELO orders on time. Unfortunately, only 0.01% of LoL players are capable of doing so.


Only those players are hired as ELO boosters who have no history of any sort of disrespectful behavior. At the time of account confirmation, their honor amount shows if they have ever been suspended for discourteous conduct. We do all this for the safety of the accounts of our valuable customers.


A player has to play 6 to 10 hours a day regularly to become eligible to be a booster. This is quite a lot of time as it is equal to the usual working hours in an office. Most players do not fulfill this requirement. A booster must play 6 to 10 hours to be able to ELO push one division in a day.


Many players who fulfill all the above requirements are not willing to be an elo booster and give a helping hand to others to attain higher ranks.

Due to the above-mentioned limitations, a number of players who can finish the job timely and qualitatively are very little. Very few LoL players spend the required hours on playing and maintaining their ranks. A person who is doing a job that very few people are able to do has to be paid accordingly. These are the reasons that we say that the Elo boost is not expensive. Rather it is quite cheap even when we compare it to most of the other services.