What Makes a Good ELO Boosting Service?

What Makes a Good ELO Boosting Service?

Elo boost:

If you have been playing League Of Legends for quite some time, you must have come across the term Elo boost. Elo boost is a boost that takes you higher in rank in your game. An Elo booster is a high ranked, experienced and extraordinary player who plays in your place with your account and takes you to a higher rank in no time.

Various companies in boosting market are offering Elo boosters to the players who want to excel in the game in one way or another. These companies hire high ranked players and assign them the task of boosting an account to a higher level.

There are some things that an Elo Booter or an Elo Boosting site should always look out for. The qualities that an Elo booster must have are as follows:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Discrete
  • Timely
  • Ability to adapt
  1. Reasonably priced:

There are many companies in the Elo boosting market that are offering Elo boosting services at different prices. Players have so many options that they can compare them and choose the cheapest one.

When the clients are given a variety of booster options they will go for the minimum price they will pay to get a boost.

A good Elo booster must offer affordable prices so that he gets more clients for a boost, therefore increasing his income. When more clients prefer a booster over others and refer it to other players also, the booster will have more business.

  1. Discrete:

Riot’s– the developer and publisher of LoL– is against the Elo boosting. They want their players to spend more time and energy over the game to enhance their business and earn profits. But Elo boosters take players higher in ranks in no time. Some high Elo player plays on his behalf and gives him a boost. Thus, they deal with players caught using Elo boosting service sternly.

Punishments for the first offense:

When a player is caught Elo boosting for the first time he might have to face the following consequences.

  • His account might get suspended for two weeks
  • His honor will reset to zero. It might also get locked for a specific period.
  • He might get banned to receive the current seasons’ ranked rewards.

Punishments for the second offense:

       When a player is caught Elo boosting for the second time, his account is banned permanently.

       Thus a good Elo booster has to be discreet in dealings. They have to be cautious that the accounts of their clients are kept classified so that it is safe from any type of ban or punishment from the developers. It will also enable you to avoid being a smurf while boosting and drop off the odds of being reported.

  1. Timely:

When you are purchasing a service, you would like it to be on time. The same is the case here. If a player is spending his money to buy Elo booster to get a higher rank or other benefits, it means they are regular players of the game. And they would not like to spend more time off-board.

The longer a booster is taking to boost their client’s account, the longer clients will have to stay away from the game, which is not tolerable for them.

If a booster is fulfilling his orders in time, he would have more satisfied customers who will refer him to other players also. It will result in getting more Elo boosting orders, increasing his paycheck.

  1. Ability to adapt:

The cost of Elo boost depends on how many ranks the client wants his account to get boosted. Higher ranks, to which account needs to be boosted, higher will be the cost of boost.

Players, therefore, should be very specific about what rank they want to boost their account, because they would be paying for it accordingly. Similarly, the boosters have to be very careful while boosting someone’s account.

When a high Elo player is playing as a booster with the client’s account, he gets involved in the game so much that the risk of missing the desired rank amplifies and booster goes beyond the desired rank. Thus the client gets more than what he paid for. Sometimes the client also gets stuck at the boosted higher level for long which increases his frustration. This is not acceptable in business.

When a client has paid for a higher rank and the booster is unable to achieve it and deliver the account boosted, it means the client is not getting what he has paid for. It will lead to unsatisfied customers and this again is not acceptable in business. These are a few skills that a good Elo booster must-have. If you also want to be an Elo booster or buy an Elo booster, keep these things in your mind.